Sun, Apr 02, 2017

"The Mathematics of the Cross"

Sermon by Dr. McConnell. I Cor 1:18. We can focus on the cross and the significance of the cross. His blood has washed away our sins. The cross is major. It is an instrument the Roman state executed the death penalty by crucifixion. God's agony was for the passion of humanity. 1) The mathematics of the cross subtracts us from hell. Our names come off of the list and are added to the Book of Life. Jesus paid the way for us. 2) Mathematics of the cross adds us to the Kingdom of God making us an heir of salvation. In the kingdom because of the cross. 3) Mathematics of the cross divides us from the world. Be ye Holy as I am Holy. 4) Mathematics of the cross, it multiplies us in heaven. (Rev.7:9) Because of the cross I am a soldier of the army of the Lord.
Duration:31 mins 21 secs